The Lean Transformation Model

Transformation Through Relationship

If you've never heard of Lean, you aren't alone. Often thought of and applied as a simple "tool set" in many circles, Lean is seldom employed in the holistic manner needed to achieve sustainable, world-class results and cultures. When applied successfully, the results of lean transformations are startling and the fulfillment of team members significant.

The basic ideas behind Lean are closely tied to common sense and begin at understanding value from the Customer's perspective. Creating this value at the highest quality, in the shortest lead-time and at the lowest cost is only possible when driven by the efforts of a safe and highly engaged workforce.

Relationships are at the heart of engaged people. Every conversation, reflection and every good change builds from people willing to enter relationship.

Organizational Transformation

Although the principles of lean make a great deal of sense, planning and starting a sustainable transformation usually benefits from a coach. Coaching for Value has the expertise to help you plan, begin and sustain a process of good change where the development and participation of every person in the organization leads to significant changes in performance and personal fulfillment.

Strategy Development and Deployment

The process of developing a balanced approach to defining success for an organization from the broadest senses of Mission, Vision, Values and True North measurements is hard. Having a coach to help guide, prompt and with which to bounce ideas can make all the difference.

Rapid Improvement Event (Kaizen Event) Facilitation

Problems can often be clearly defined and benefit from a concentrated multi-disciplinary burst of focused problem-solving. If you've never experienced the power of event-based problem solving, let a coach help you plan and offer facilitation during your first steps.

People Systems

Perhaps nothing is more important than people development within your organization. This development doesn't happen by accident. If you'd like help thinking about how to plan and manage the development of skills and behaviors to support and sustain world-class performance, Coaching for Value would love to help.

Team Development Using Myers-Briggs Type Indexing

Many personality profile tools exist in today's marketplace. Most of these tools utilize a behavioral foundation. The Myers-Briggs Type Index tool is unique among personality profiles for its focus on preferences over behaviors. This powerful tool allows a safer and more broadly applicable tool for use in understanding oneself and those with whom we are in relationship.

One on One (1:1) Coaching for Leaders and High Potentials

After years of successfully coaching from the inside and outside of organizations, Coaching for Value can help you or those in your organization fully utilize your gifts, talents and influence.